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Rento - Monopoly Game Online for Windows

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Fictional 3D Monopoly-Like Game

The developers of Rento - Monopoly Game Online have combined the traditional appeal of this genre with other popular options such as Russian roulette and Wheel of Fortune. There is indeed something here for everyone.

Basic Layout and Game Options

Rento - Monopoly Game Online is somewhat similar to the classic version of Monopoly. However, there are some notable differences such as winning virtual auctions and trading land properties with other players. Please note that there are a handful of smaller games within this larger platform such as Wheel of Fortune. It is possible to compete with others via live streaming connections or to play against an AI-powered robot. Its developers claim that this game is the only true multiplayer version on the market today.

A Game with Visual Personality

Rento - Monopoly Game Online provides colorful and exciting graphics. Cartoon-like characters and a three-dimensional virtual spinning wheel are nice touches to a classic board game. Anyone who has ever played Ludo should be impressed with what this game has to offer. It will require 211.97 megabytes of available RAM and it is compatible with some mobile devices.


  • The addition of supplemental games is a unique twist.
  • An online multiplayer option is an interesting addition.


  • There might be times when the game freezes (depending upon the OS).
  • Some graphics such as the funds within one's account are difficult to see.

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Rento - Monopoly Game Online


Rento - Monopoly Game Online varies-with-device for PC

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  • Виктор Илюхин

    by Виктор Илюхин

    It is full of cheaters. Admin has admitted in the forum that they are allowed everything, because this is their own game. The question More

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